What is self love feat Jessica White

My very first moment of self realization was when I was about 10– and I still remember it very clearly. I was buttoning up a pair of white shorts – my favourite at the time – printed with an image of Felix the cat on the bottom right cuff and wearing a dark blue T shirt that had the silhouette of 3 cats printed on the front with a loose thread dangling where a small gold chime used to be.


As I turned to look in the mirror, I remember thinking to myself ‘I look pretty’. This was the first time I had felt that way about myself.


To this day I really have no idea what came over me in that moment; I wasn’t wearing hand-me-downs, but the clothes I had on were far from new, and I don’t recall there being anything significant that happened in earlier in the day to lift my spirits.


Realistically, I also wasn’t what one would consider to be a traditionally attractive kid – I was overweight, wore pink Buzz-lightyear glasses that had tiny round metal rims, was partial to fashioning my hair in a kind of low-ponytail-sad-librarian style and accessorized with a shy and awkward attitude.


I don’t really have a reason as to why I suddenly felt this way about myself – but I did.


And maybe I didn’t really need a reason to feel confident; I didn’t need someone to compliment me, I didn’t need to be wearing nice new clothes; I just needed to be me, buttoning up my shorts in front of the mirror, to be enough.


Although I still have moments of self-doubt, I consider myself now to be relatively confident. And I don’t really know how that came to be, because aside from that one moment, I don’t really remember any other time in my life where I had truly felt that way about myself.


When you’re young, you don’t really think about this stuff too much – so for me, I never gave it a second thought. But perhaps, although I didn’t know it at the time, that moment marked the beginning of my journey of self-love.


And it could be that you too, have already embarked on your own journey, without you even realizing!

Jessica White

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